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NSW Syllabuses

Sharing learning and assessment intentions

Sharing learning and assessment intentions is a powerful way for teachers to improve student learning. Learning and assessment intentions provide a focus for, and clarity of, the knowledge, understanding and skills students are expected to develop as a result of teaching and learning.

Students should be informed about what they need to do to demonstrate their learning. This information can be conveyed informally or formally by the teacher, as appropriate to the learning activity. Students should know:

  • what they are going to learn
  • how they are to be assessed
  • the criteria used to assess their learning
  • the meaning of the language used, including subject-specific vocabulary.

Teachers may consider:

  • how the learning and assessment intention(s) can focus students’ attention on learning, including what they are expected to learn, as well as what they will do
  • when the learning intention should be shared in the lesson and in what format
  • how subject-specific vocabulary and language is used and understood by students
  • how the learning and assessment intention specifies the content students are expected to learn and the context where this takes place
  • how students receive feedback and reflect on their progress, in relation to the learning and assessment intention(s)
  • what further teaching, learning and assessment activities will help students improve their learning.

Students may benefit from activity-specific templates, models of good responses and/or procedures to help them understand learning and assessment intentions, as well as to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills.

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