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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 3 Products


A student:

  • ST3-16P

    describes systems used to produce or manufacture products, and the social and environmental influences on product design


  • Systems are used to produce or manufacture products.
  • Students:
  • investigate a system to produce or manufacture a product, eg using an assembly line to produce a food product for sale in the school canteen, or the use of robotics in manufacturing a product CCT
  • compare the production process in a domestic setting to mass production, eg baking bread in the home to making it in a bakery
  • Social and environmental factors can influence the design of products.
  • Students:
  • research the environmental impact of an everyday product from its production through to its use and disposal, eg a PET bottle, a car or newspaper LEUSE
  • redesign a product to respond to a specific social or environmental consequence, eg redesign the packaging of a food product to reduce garbage CCTSE