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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 3 Information


A student:

  • ST3-15I

    describes how social influences impact on the design and use of information and communication systems


  • Systems can be used to transfer information and support communication.
  • Students:
  • explore how information and communication systems can be used to exchange ideas, collaborate with others, organise and present data, eg a database, spreadsheet and multimedia designs ICT
  • communicate with others in different social and/or cultural contexts when designing an information solution, eg being a member of a collaborative online learning community L
  • Social influences can impact on the design of information sources and technologies.
  • Students:
  • demonstrate appropriate and responsible use of information sources and technologies considering, where relevant, different points of view and/or stereotyping WEEUPSC
  • explore a range of emerging information technologies and the ways that communicating with others has changed, eg the use of video-conferencing, blogs and wikis ICT
  • discuss issues of safety and privacy of personal information when communicating, selecting and using information sources and technologies LEU