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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 3 Built Environments


A student:

  • ST3-14BE

    describes systems in built environments and how social and environmental factors influence their design


  • Systems in built environments are designed to meet the needs of people.
  • Students:
  • identify elements that work together as a system to serve and support built environments and how they are designed to meet the needs of people, eg transport systems that provide access for people to get to work or systems that provide electricity to sites CCT
  • draw a plan of, or model, a built environment that includes a range of systems to meet the needs and wants of a specific group of users, eg shade for a playground
  • Social and environmental factors influence the design of built environments.
  • Students:
  • consider ways that the design or use of places and spaces have changed over time and the social and/or environmental factors that have influenced these changes, eg changes in the design and use of a library due to technological developments or the design of buildings after an earthquake CCTEUCC
  • generate and develop ideas about how built environments might be designed and constructed in the future to incorporate sustainable environmental practices, eg the use of recycled materials, natural lighting and solar energy CCTEUPSC
  • develop designs and solutions to meet specific social or environmental needs of users, eg an energy-efficient building or high-traffic airport terminal/train station