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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 3 Working Technologically


A student:

  • ST3-5WT

    plans and implements a design process, selecting a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to produce solutions that address the design criteria and identified constraints


  • Students explore and define a task by:
  • exploring needs for, or opportunities to undertake, the task
  • identifying the users' needs and wants using techniques, eg observations, surveys, interviews and market research WE
  • developing a design brief individually and in collaboration with others PSC
  • developing design criteria that considers, where relevant, function, aesthetics, social and environmental considerations CCTSE
  • planning the process considering constraints where relevant, eg time, finance, resources and expertise WE
  • Students generate and develop ideas by:
  • selecting and using creative thinking techniques, including mind-mapping, brainstorming, sketching and modelling CCT
  • selecting and using research techniques appropriate to the task PSC
  • selecting and using techniques for documenting and communicating design ideas to others, eg drawings, plans, flow charts, storyboarding, modelling and presentations, using digital technologies ICTLWEPSC
  • identifying a range of appropriate materials for the task
  • selecting and using techniques to investigate the suitability of materials CCT
  • applying established criteria to evaluate and modify ideas
  • Students produce solutions by:
  • testing the suitability of materials, considering whether the test was fair or not
  • developing a plan and specifications to guide production CCT
  • using their plans and production sequence
  • for a design project, selecting and safely using a range of tools, equipment and related techniques to cut, edit, join, manipulate and shape materials and/or information ICTWEPSC
  • Students evaluate by:
  • identifying the strengths and limitations of the process used CCT
  • self or peer assessing the final product by using the established design criteria PSC

Background information


In Stage 3 students continue to implement and record a process of design. They begin to plan this process considering constraints of time, finance, resources and expertise. They select appropriate methods to generate ideas and apply established criteria to evaluate and modify their ideas. Students continue to use communication techniques to present ideas to others and begin to prepare documentation using plans and specifications. They produce their solutions following their own plans and select and use a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques appropriate for the task. Students continue to evaluate, throughout the process of designing and producing, using established criteria and constraints.

In Stage 4 students are able to apply design processes that reflect an understanding of needs and opportunities. They continue to research and extract information from a variety of sources and begin to use experiments and tests to enhance the development of a design project. They move into specialised school technology workshops/environments and learn to safely and responsibly apply a broad range of contemporary and appropriate tools, materials and techniques in the development of design projects. They further develop their skills in managing their own time by sequencing processes of designing, producing and evaluating.