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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 (inc. Science and Technology K–6) - Stage 2 Products


A student:

  • ST2-16P

    describes how products are designed and produced, and the ways people use them


  • There are various processes involved in the ways products are designed and produced.
  • Students:
  • identify the component parts of a product and explain how the parts are designed to work together, eg pedals, cogs and chains work together to make bicycle wheels move CCT
  • examine the process used to produce an existing product by creating a flowchart from design to producing the finished product CCTL
  • People use products in a variety of ways.
  • Students:
  • explore the ways existing products can be reused and recycled to incorporate environmental considerations, eg products designed from recycled PET bottles SECCT
  • examine how people use applications of science and technology in their work, eg builders, farmers and graphic designers