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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 (inc. Science and Technology K–6) - Stage 2 Built Environments


A student:

  • ST2-14BE

    describes how people interact within built environments and the factors considered in their design and construction


  • People interact in varying ways within built environments.
  • Students:
  • observe how people interact within a built environment and describe how its design meets the needs of the users, eg the ways people use and interact in a local shopping centre or playground CCTDD
  • survey a range of places and spaces in local built environments and identify how people interact within them for a range of purposes for social and cultural reasons, eg use of the local hall for a school play or use of local playing fields for sport DDIU
  • A range of factors needs to be considered when designing and constructing built environments.
  • Students:
  • examine some built environments, eg a local playground or shopping centre, and identify some factors that have been considered in the design, such as purpose, access, aesthetic and environmental considerations, and movement within the space PSCCCTDD
  • describe how the design and construction of a built environment may be modified to better suit the needs of users