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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 (inc. Science and Technology K–6) - Stage 2 Working Technologically


A student:

  • ST2-5WT

    applies a design process and uses a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to produce solutions that address specific design criteria


  • Students explore and define a task by:
  • exploring design situations and/or existing solutions relevant to the needs and wants of themselves and others
  • working individually and collaboratively to develop a design brief that identifies simple design criteria relating to requirements that make the proposed solution useful and attractive while having minimal impact on the environment CCSEWEPSC
  • Students generate and develop ideas by:
  • using creative thinking techniques, including brainstorming, mind-mapping, sketching and modelling CCT
  • using a range of research techniques to access information relevant to the task ICT
  • using techniques, including labelled drawings, modelling and storyboarding, for documenting and communicating design ideas L
  • using digital technologies and multimedia for communicating design ideas ICT
  • refining ideas in responding to feedback from others PSC
  • Students produce solutions by:
  • exploring a range of materials appropriate for the task
  • developing and applying a plan and sequence for production that considers, where relevant, time and resources WE
  • safely and correctly using a range of tools and equipment, materials and techniques, eg cutting, combining, joining, shaping, assembling and finishing materials PSC
  • Students evaluate by:
  • reflecting on the process followed and what could be done differently to ensure that the solution meets the needs of the user/audience PSC
  • using established design criteria to evaluate the process, product or solution, and suggesting how their design solution could be improved
  • reflecting on findings to identify what they could find out next through the processes of Working Technologically and Working Scientifically CCT

Background information


In Stage 2 students begin to develop and use the processes of Working Technologically that identify simple design criteria. They continue to generate design ideas using creative thinking methods and begin to refine their ideas using established design criteria and feedback provided by others. Students begin to develop and apply a sequence of production steps and identify, select and correctly use a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to produce their designed solution. They begin to use methods including investigating scientifically to evaluate their ideas and solutions in relation to the specific design criteria, and suggest how their design could be improved.

In Stage 3 students begin to plan a process of design considering constraints of time, finance, resources and expertise. They use appropriate methods to generate design ideas and begin to apply established criteria to evaluate and modify their design ideas. When producing solutions students follow their own plans and identify, select and correctly use a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques appropriate for the task.