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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 1 Products


A student:

  • ST1-16P

    describes a range of manufactured products in the local environment and how their different purposes influence their design


  • There is a range of manufactured products in the local environment.
  • Students:
  • explore a variety of products in the local environment, eg food products and industrial products
  • discuss the purpose and usefulness of familiar applications of science and technology products used in everyday life, eg rechargeable batteries, recycled materials and single-use disposable food containers SEICT
  • describe a variety of ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have used or continue to use natural materials to make products that meet their needs, eg the use of natural fibres to make woven products AHC
  • The different purposes of products influence their design.
  • Students:
  • identify the purpose of some familiar products and explore the features of their designs that make the products work, eg the broad brim on a sun hat or a plastic raincoat
  • explore ways that products may be designed and made to conserve resources, eg recyclable materials and reusable containers SE
  • discuss the strengths and limitations of a specific product, considering the materials from which it is made CCT