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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 1 Information


A student:

  • ST1-15I

    describes a range of familiar information sources and technologies and how their purposes influence their design


  • There is a range of information sources and technologies.
  • Students:
  • use a range of information technologies to communicate with others, eg letters, telephones, cameras and emails LICT
  • interact with an information source or technology to explore the ways that different forms of information are combined, including text, image and sound, eg a website or digital game ICTPSC
  • explore communication methods used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to share ideas and information, eg dance, stories, music and art AHCIU
  • The purposes of information sources and technologies influence their design.
  • Students:
  • interact with a range of familiar information sources and technologies and identify their purposes, eg television programs, websites, digital games, newspapers and magazines ICTL
  • describe how the purpose of a specific information source or technology influences its design, eg a website or game LPSCICT