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NSW Syllabuses

Science K–10 - Stage 1 Earth and Space


A student:

  • ST1-8ES

    describes some observable changes that occur in the sky and landscape

  • ST1-9ES

    identifies ways that people use science in their daily lives to care for the environment and the Earth’s resources


  • Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape. (ACSSU019)
  • Students:
  • use a range of methods to describe observable, short-term changes in the sky, eg clouds, the appearance of the stars at night and the position of the sun during the day
  • observe and record environmental changes that occur over a longer time to identify patterns of events, eg seasonal changes in temperature and the appearance of the moon LN
  • describe some physical features of a landscape that have been changed by floods, droughts or processes, eg weathering and erosion SE
  • Earth's resources, including water, are used in a variety of ways. (ACSSU032)
  • Students:
  • identify that some common resources are obtained from the Earth, including soil, minerals and water CCT
  • describe how some materials obtained from the Earth are used in a range of products at home or at school
  • share their observations and ideas about the ways that water is used by people in their daily lives LPSC
  • identify some actions which could be taken to care for and use water sustainably, eg turning off dripping taps and/or taking shorter showers SEEU
  • explore ways in which people use science knowledge and skills in their daily lives to care for the environment and use resources sustainably (ACSHE022, ACSHE035) CCSECCTL