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Teaching Mathematics to students with special education needs

Information and advice is available to support the teaching of students with special education needs:

Supporting students in Mathematics with special education needs

Years 7–12 Life Skills

Before deciding that a student should study a Life Skills course, consider other ways of helping the student to engage with regular course outcomes. This may include a range of adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment activities. If the adjustments do not provide a student with sufficient access to some or all outcomes in Stage 4–6, one or more Life Skills courses might be appropriate. All decisions about curriculum options for students with special education needs should be made through the collaborative curriculum planning process.

Life Skills outcomes can be accessed below. These are intended to be read in the context of the syllabuses, which can be found within each Key Learning Area.

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Years 7–10 Life Skills advice

Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes

Years 7–10 Life Skills content