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The place of the Mathematics K–10 Syllabus in the K–12 curriculum

The Mathematics K–10 Syllabus describes a continuum of mathematics learning from Kindergarten to Year 10. The Stage 6 syllabuses describe the Preliminary and HSC courses in Years 11 and 12 and therefore represent the mathematics learning for all students who study Mathematics in those years.

The diagram below represents available pathways of learning in Mathematics from Early Stage 1 to Stage 6.

Students exhibit a wide range of mathematical skills, levels of competence, and aspirations. Some students may be aiming to develop the mathematical skills necessary to function in daily life and various work contexts. Other students may seek to address more challenging mathematics to prepare them for the highest-level courses in Year 11 and Year 12.

For this reason, Stage 5 of the K–10 Mathematics curriculum has been expressed in terms of the three substages, Stage 5.1, Stage 5.2 and Stage 5.3. These substages are not designed as prescribed courses, and many different 'endpoints' are possible. As well as studying the Stage 5.1 content, the majority of students will study some or all of the Stage 5.2 content. Similarly, as well as studying the Stage 5.2 content, many students will study some or all of the Stage 5.3 content.

The Mathematics Life Skills outcomes and content are designed to provide a relevant and meaningful program of study for a small percentage of students with special education needs, for whom the Stage 4 and/or Stage 5 outcomes and content of the Mathematics K–10 Syllabus are not appropriate.

This diagram shows the relationship between the Mathematics K – 10 syllabus and the stages of learning before and after it in the K – 12 curriculum.


* BDC – Board Developed Course (HSC BDCs are examined at the HSC).

** CEC – Content Endorsed Course (HSC CECs are not examined at the HSC).
The HSC Mathematics General 1 course (two units of study in the HSC year) is a Content Endorsed Course and cannot be used to meet the requirement that, to be eligible for the HSC award, students must study at least six units of Board Developed Courses. Also, the two units of study for the HSC Mathematics General 1 course cannot be counted in the 10 units required for the calculation of an ATAR. For further information, please refer to the Board's Assessment Certification Examination (ACE) website.