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NSW Syllabuses

Mathematics K–10 - Stage 5.2 - Measurement and Geometry Volume


A student:

  • MA5.2-1WM

    selects appropriate notations and conventions to communicate mathematical ideas and solutions

  • MA5.2-2WM

    interprets mathematical or real-life situations, systematically applying appropriate strategies to solve problems

  • MA5.2-12MG

    applies formulas to calculate the volumes of composite solids composed of right prisms and cylinders

Related Life Skills outcomes: MALS-28MG, MALS-30MG, MALS-31MG



  • Students:
  • Solve problems involving the volumes of right prisms (ACMMG218)
  • find the volumes of composite right prisms with cross-sections that may be dissected into triangles and special quadrilaterals
  • solve a variety of practical problems related to the volumes and capacities of composite right prisms CCT
  • compare the surface areas of prisms with the same volume (Problem Solving, Reasoning) CCT
  • find the volumes and capacities of various everyday containers, such as water tanks or cartons used by removalists (Problem Solving) CCT
  • Solve problems involving volume for a range of prisms, cylinders and composite solids (ACMMG242)
  • find the volumes of solids that have uniform cross-sections that are sectors, including semicircles and quadrants
  • find the volumes of composite solids involving prisms and cylinders, eg a cylinder on top of a rectangular prism
  • dissect composite solids into two or more simpler solids to find their volumes (Reasoning)
  • solve a variety of practical problems related to the volumes and capacities of prisms, cylinders and related composite solids CCT

National Numeracy Learning Progression links to this Mathematics outcome

When working towards the outcome MA5.2-12MG the sub-elements (and levels) of Understanding units of measurement (UuM9) describe observable behaviours that can aid teachers in making evidence-based decisions about student development and future learning.

The progression sub-elements and indicators can be viewed by accessing the National Numeracy Learning Progression.