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NSW Syllabuses

History K–10 - Stage 3 Australia as a Nation


A student:

  • HT3-3

    identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society

  • HT3-4

    describes and explains the struggles for rights and freedoms in Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

  • HT3-5

    applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication

  • Key inquiry questions:

  • Why and how did Australia become a nation?
  • How did Australian society change throughout the twentieth century?
  • Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?
  • What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian society?
  • Historical concepts and skills

  • The historical concepts and skills to be taught throughout Stage 3 are listed in the Overview of Teaching and Learning.
  • Content

  • Key figures and events that led to Australia's Federation, including British and American influences on Australia's system of law and government (ACHHK113)
  • Students:
  • identify the influences of Britain and the USA on Australian democracy CC
  • sequence key figures and events and explain their significance in the development of Australian democracy, eg Sir Henry Parkes, Edmund Barton, Louisa Lawson, Vida Goldstein CCICTCCT
  • outline local, state and federal government structures and responsibilities CC
  • examine Australian human rights, past and present, affecting Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants, women and children AHCEUDD
  • explain how Australian society has changed throughout the twentieth century for these groups DD
  • investigate the significance of ONE of the following in the struggle for the rights and freedoms of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples AHCCCL
  • Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia (including from ONE Asian country) and the reasons they migrated, such as World War II and Australian migration programs since the war (ACHHK115)
  • The contribution of individuals and groups, including Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders and migrants, to the development of Australian society, for example in areas such as the economy, education, sciences, the arts, sport (ACHHK116)
  • Students:
  • use sources such as oral history to research stories of migration to Australia, including the experiences of ONE Asian family, explaining reasons for migration DDIUA
  • explain how migrants have contributed to Australian society IU
  • using a range of sources, research and describe the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other groups to Australian society AHCCCICTL