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NSW Syllabuses

Years 7–10 Life Skills content

The Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes and content provide the basis for developing a rigorous, relevant, accessible and meaningful age-appropriate program. Outcomes and content should be selected based on the learning needs, strengths, goals and interests of each student. Students are not required to complete all of the content to demonstrate achievement of an outcome.

Overview of teaching and learning

Teaching Geography involves the explicit teaching of content, concepts, skills and tools.

The Geography Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes and content should be integrated with:

Teachers refer to these continuums to identify a student’s current level of learning in relation to concepts, inquiry skills and tools and to plan for their further development through the Life Skills content.

An integrated approach to the teaching of geographical content, concepts, skills and tools provides meaningful learning experiences for all students.


All students should have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork to develop their understanding and demonstrate achievement of Geography Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes. Fieldwork provides students with meaningful opportunities to engage in geographical inquiry processes where they use a variety of strategies to locate, gather, select, organise and communicate geographical information through the application of geographical skills and tools.