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NSW Syllabuses

Geography K–10 - Stage 4 Interconnections – Stage 4


A student:

  • GE4-2

    describes processes and influences that form and transform places and environments

  • GE4-3

    explains how interactions and connections between people, places and environments result in change

  • GE4-4

    examines perspectives of people and organisations on a range of geographical issues

  • GE4-5

    discusses management of places and environments for their sustainability

  • GE4-7

    acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for inquiry

  • GE4-8

    communicates geographical information using a variety of strategies

Related Life Skills outcomes: GELS-2, GELS-3, GELS-4, GELS-5, GELS-7, GELS-8

  • Key inquiry questions

  • How are people and places connected to other places?
  • What role does technology play in connecting people to people, goods, services and information in other places?
  • What are the consequences of a globally connected world for people and places?
  • Why are interconnections important for the future of places and environments?
  • Content focus

  • Students focus on the connections people have to places across a range of scales. They examine what shapes people’s perceptions of places and how this influences their connections to places. Students explore how transport, information and communication technologies and trade link people to many places. They explain the effects of human activities, such as production, recreation and travel, on places and environments in Australia and across the world and investigate sustainability initiatives and possible futures for these places.
  • Content

  • Personal connections
  • Students:
  • investigate the influences on and effects of, people’s travel and recreational, cultural or leisure connections with different places for the future, for example:  (ACHGK065, ACHGK069)
  • analysis of patterns and trends in people’s travel, recreational, cultural and/or leisure activities GS CCTN
  • examination of the impact of people’s travel, recreational, cultural and/or leisure activities on the future of places VR SE
  • explanation of the impacts of a selected travel, recreational, cultural or leisure activity on a place, implications for the future of that place and strategies to achieve sustainability M SEL
  • Technology
  • Students:
  • investigate the way transportation and information and communication technologies are used to connect people to services, information and people in other places, for example:  (ACHGK066)
  • explanation of how transport technologies connect people to places MST ICTL
  • examination of how information and communication technologies increases people’s connections to services, information and people in other places
  • assessment of the impact of increasing global connectivity on people and places SECCTCC
  • Trade
  • Students:
  • investigate the ways places and people are interconnected through trade in goods and services across a range of scales, for example:  (ACHGK067)
  • identification of trade connections in Australia eg local farmers markets, inter-state business WE
  • examination of a country’s trade links with other countries eg major trade partners, sources of raw materials MGS AN
  • analysis of spatial patterns of global trade eg countries of production and consumption, global shipping and freight routes MST ACCTN
  • Production and consumption
  • Students:
  • investigate the effects of the production and consumption of goods on people, places and environments throughout the world, for example:  (ACHGK068)
  • examination of environmental, social and economic impacts of production and consumption of consumer goods GS ASEICT
  • assessment of the effect of production or consumption of goods on ONE place or environment VR ASECCT
  • explanation of responses by governments, groups and individuals to minimise the effects of production and consumption SECCWE