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NSW Syllabuses

Geography K–10 - Stage 3 A Diverse and Connected World – Stage 3


A student:

  • GE3-1

    describes the diverse features and characteristics of places and environments

  • GE3-2

    explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

  • GE3-4

    acquires, processes and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

  • Key inquiry questions

  • How do places, people and cultures differ across the world?
  • What are Australia’s global connections?
  • How do people’s connections to places affect their perception of them?
  • Content focus

  • Students explore countries of the Asia region and the connections Australia has with other countries across the world. Students learn about the diversity of the world’s people, including the indigenous peoples of other countries. Students will explore and reflect upon similarities, differences and the importance of intercultural understanding.
  • Content

  • Diversity across Asia
  • Students:
  • investigate the diversity in geographical characteristics within the Asia region, for example:  (ACHGK031, ACHGK032) A
  • identification of countries of the Asia region in relation to Australia M A
  • examination of economic, demographic and social differences between countries of the Asia region eg employment, population, lifestyle GS ADDWE
  • The world’s cultural diversity
  • Students:
  • investigate the world’s cultural diversity, including the culture of indigenous peoples, for example:  (ACHGK033)
  • identification of different cultural groups, including indigenous cultural groups eg Maori, Inuit, Sami, Dayak MVR
  • examination of various cultures eg customs, beliefs, social organisation ICTIUDD
  • Global connections
  • Students:
  • investigate connections between Australia and other countries of the world, for example:  (ACHGK034, ACHGK035)
  • description of connections Australia has with other countries eg trade, migration, tourism, aid MGS ALWE
  • examination of a significant event and its local, regional and global effect on people and places eg sporting or cultural event ICT
  • Connections shape perceptions
  • Students:
  • investigate how connections influence people’s perception and understanding of places, for example:  (ACHGK036)
  • identification of factors that influence people’s perceptions of places eg media, culture, education, travel CCTIUL
  • discussion of the effect of generalisations and stereotypes about places EUIU