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NSW Syllabuses

Geography K–10 - Stage 1 People and Places


A student:

  • GE1-1

    describes features of places and the connections people have with places

  • GE1-3

    communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry

  • Key inquiry questions

  • Where are places located in Australia?
  • How are people connected to places?
  • What factors affect people’s connections to places?
  • Content focus

  • Students explore places across a range of scales within Australia and Australia’s location in the world. They describe connections people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, have with places, both locally and globally. Students identify factors affecting people’s accessibility to places.
  • Content

  • Australian places 
  • Students:
  • investigate places across a range of scales within Australia, for example:  (ACHGK010)
  • identification that places exist across a range of scales eg personal, local, national MVR
  • Australia’s location
  • Students:
  • investigate Australia’s location in the world, for example:  (ACHGK009)
  • description of Australia’s location in relation to the world eg continents, oceans M ICTL
  • People’s connections to places
  • Students:
  • investigate people’s connections and access to places, for example:  (ACHGK013)
  • discussion of why people visit other places GS N
  • identification of factors influencing people’s accessibility to places eg distance M CCT
  • examination of how technology has improved people’s access to places LWE
  • Local and global connections
  • Students:
  • investigate connections that people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, have to local and global places, for example:  (ACHGK010, ACHGK011, ACHGK012) AHC
  • discussion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ connections with land, sea and animals of their place AHCEUIU
  • description of reasons people are connected to places in Australia and/or countries across the world eg birthplace M LDD