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NSW Syllabuses

Geography K–10 - Stage 1 Features of Places


A student:

  • GE1-1

    describes features of places and the connections people have with places

  • GE1-2

    identifies ways in which people interact with and care for places

  • GE1-3

    communicates geographical information and uses geographical tools for inquiry

  • Key inquiry questions

  • What are the features of, and activities in, places?
  • How can we care for places?
  • How can spaces within a place be used for different purposes?
  • Content focus

  • Students investigate the natural and human features of places. They describe the reasons places change and identify the active role of citizens in the care of places. They learn about how people describe the weather and seasons of places. Students explore activities occurring in places and how the spaces within places can be used for different purposes.
  • Content

  • Features of places 
  • Students:
  • investigate features of places and how they can be cared for, for example: (ACHGK005) SE
  • description of the natural and human features of places STVR L
  • discussion of the natural features of places identified in Aboriginal Dreaming stories and/or Legends of the Torres Strait AHC
  • consideration of how a place can be cared for eg a park, farm, beach, bushland SEPSCCC
  • Weather and seasons
  • Students:
  • investigate the weather and seasons of places, for example: (ACHGK006)
  • description of the daily and seasonal weather patterns of a familiar place L
  • comparison of the daily and seasonal weather patterns of places GS N
  • examination of how different cultural groups, including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Peoples, describe weather, seasons or seasonal calendars VR AHCACCT
  • discussion of how weather can affect places and activities eg leisure, farming WE
  • How places are organised
  • Students:
  • investigate activities that occur within places, for example: (ACHGK007, ACHGK008)
  • discussion of why and how the spaces within places can be rearranged for different purposes eg street fair, school hall VR
  • examination of why various activities in an area are located where they are eg school, shops MF CCTICTWE