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NSW Syllabuses

Years 7–10 Life Skills content

The Years 7–10 Life Skills content forms the basis for learning opportunities. Content should be selected based on the abilities, needs and interests of students. Students will not be required to complete all of the content to demonstrate achievement of an outcome.

The Board of Studies NSW has identified important learning for all students that has been embedded in the descriptions of content, including the Years 7–10 Life Skills content, across the syllabuses. Find further information about the learning across the curriculum content in the K–10 Syllabus.

Text selections

Teaching and learning opportunities which draw from a diverse range of texts can assist students to broaden and develop their own language skills. Examples of spoken texts, print texts, visual texts, media, multimedia and digital texts can be used to address the English Years 7–10 Life Skills outcomes. Where appropriate, students should experience a range of texts drawn from:

  • texts which are widely regarded as quality literature
  • a widely defined Australian literature, including texts that give insights into Aboriginal experiences in Australia
  • a wide range of literary texts from other countries and times, including poetry, drama scripts, prose fiction and picture books
  • texts written about intercultural experiences
  • texts that provide insights about the peoples and cultures of Asia
  • everyday and workplace texts
  • a wide range of cultural, social and gender perspectives, popular and youth cultures
  • texts that include aspects of environmental and social sustainability
  • nonfiction, picture books, graphic novels
  • an appropriate range of digital texts, including film, media and multimedia
  • Shakespearean drama.

Find further information about the organisation of content.