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NSW Syllabuses

English K–10 - Life Skills - Objective E Outcome 17


A student:

  • ENLS-17E

    uses individual and collaborative skills in the learning process

Related Stage 4/5 outcomes: EN4-9E, EN5-9E

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • ask questions to assist learning, eg to clarify understanding, to seek direction WE
  • demonstrate time management WE
  • take on responsibilities as a learner both individually and as part of a group, eg collect books from library, contribute to group discussion PSC
  • identify personal learning strengths and needs PSC
  • discuss the achievements and difficulties associated with a particular task PSC
  • review and reflect on their learning, eg pleasures, difficulties, successes, challenges PSC
  • assess the effectiveness of their contributions in collaborative learning situations PSCCCTWE
  • reflect on personal reading, eg 'Which books have I enjoyed reading?', 'What do I want to read about?', 'Do I need to broaden my reading choices?' CCT
  • recognise the nature of the task
  • recognise the steps involved in achieving the task WE
  • find, select and use information from a variety of sources, eg books, internet, multimedia ICT
  • use a variety of research techniques ICT
  • use a variety of strategies to structure and present ideas and information CCT
  • participate in partner, small-group and whole-class tasks PSCWE
  • independently select and use editing techniques and tools to enhance quality of work
  • identify learning strategies that have been helpful during speaking, listening, reading, writing and/or viewing and representing activities, eg scaffolds, cue cards, graphic organisers N