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NSW Syllabuses

English K–10 - Life Skills - Objective D Outcome 15


A student:

  • ENLS-15D

    responds to and composes texts that explore personal, social and world issues

Related Stage 4/5 outcomes: EN4-7D, EN5-7D

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • acknowledge the value of their own personal experiences in responding to texts PSC
  • reflect on the ways their own personal experience affects their responses to texts PSCCCT
  • Develop and apply contextual knowledge
  • recognise that texts represent people, places and events CCTIUDD
  • recognise that texts can represent individual or shared views CCTDD
  • identify the ways in which cultural assumption is presented in texts, eg gender, religion, disability, culture CCTAHCADD
  • compare personal experiences to those explored in a range of texts CCT
  • identify and explain different points of view presented in a range of texts CCT
  • explore the representation of people, place and events in film and the media CCTIUDDICT
  • explore personal, social and/or world issues in texts, eg gender, religion, disability, social class, culture IUCCDDAHCA
  • compose a response to an issue presented in a text CCT
  • compose texts to reflect a personal belief or point of view, eg a picture to show how they feel about an issue, a text about their opinions on a particular issue IUDDCCT
  • develop arguments for and against cultural issues and perspectives in texts, eg the Stolen Generations in Aboriginal history, the role of women in Asian cultures IUDDAHCA
  • explore moral issues presented in texts, eg choices between right and wrong, honesty, fairness, acceptable behaviour EU