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NSW Syllabuses

English K–10 - Life Skills - Objective D Outcome 14


A student:

  • ENLS-14D

    explores how the use of language affects personal roles and relationships with others

Related Stage 4/5 outcomes: EN4-7D, EN5-7D

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • recognise the power of language to communicate feelings CCTPSC
  • Develop and apply contextual knowledge
  • identify how the aspects of context affect features of language, eg tone, voice, volume, pace, body language
  • recognise that gestures and eye contact may be interpreted differently across cultures IUPSC
  • select and use language appropriate to the relationship, eg nickname to refer to a friend, formal salutation (Mrs/Mr/Ms) to refer to a teacher PSC
  • identify the effect of body language in communicating and developing relationships with others PSC
  • recognise that language affects the development and maintenance of relationships, eg offering words of comfort at a time of distress PSC
  • explore how the use of language can be empowering or disempowering, eg encouraging words build self-esteem, inappropriate or disrespectful words cause offence PSCEU
  • explore how the use of language can be inclusive or exclusive, eg a speaker uses gestures, proximity and eye contact to engage and include the audience; a speaker uses cultural, technical or body language unknown to one member of a group IUDDCC