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NSW Syllabuses

English K–10 - Life Skills - Objective A Outcome 4


A student:

  • ENLS-4A

    views and responds to a range of visual texts, media and multimedia

Related Stage 4/5 outcomes: EN4-1A, EN5-1A

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • recognise photographs, pictures or symbols as representations of familiar people, objects, venues ICT
  • view and respond to a range of visual textsmedia and multimedia for enjoyment, eg age-appropriate books, photographs, magazines, television programs, video games, DVDs ICT
  • Develop and apply contextual knowledge
  • recognise symbols, signs and logos in everyday situations, eg computer icons, retail brands, pedestrian and road signs ICT
  • recognise the variety of formats in which visual texts, media and multimedia may be presented ICT
  • recognise different uses of visual texts, media and multimedia, including the internet, eg browsing the web to locate information, using the internet to communicate socially or professionally, watching a documentary to gain knowledge and/or pleasure ICT
  • predict meaning from visual texts, media and multimedia, eg cover of a novel, video, DVD, poster, advertisement
  • view and respond to their preferred visual texts in a range of contexts, eg select book/DVD in a community library ICTPSC
  • create simple visual texts to convey a message, eg poster, cartoon, pictorial advertisement ICT
  • respond to texts using a range of visual texts, eg pictures of costumes used in a Shakespearean play CCTICT
  • view and respond to graphs, charts and maps in everyday contexts N
  • respond to a variety of texts, eg picture books and online sources, from a range of storytellers and cultures, including those from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Asian cultures AHCICTIUA
  • respond to elements of digital and multimedia texts, eg sound and lighting ICT