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NSW Syllabuses

English K–10 - Life Skills - Objective A Outcome 2


A student:

  • ENLS-2A

    communicates for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts

Related Stage 4/5 outcomes: EN4-1A, EN5-1A

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Develop and apply contextual knowledge
  • recognise a variety of ways people communicate with each other, eg speech, gesture, sign, telephone, SMS, letter, email, social media ICTDD
  • recognise different forms of communication technologies ICTDD
  • recognise the role and purpose of non-verbal indicators in communication, eg a nod for agreement, a frown for displeasure
  • identify how language is used according to context, eg home, school or community
  • use non-verbal indicators to communicate for a variety of purposes such as to request and reject, eg eye contact, nodding, smiling, gesturing, turning away PSC
  • greet and farewell people in an appropriate manner in a variety of contexts, eg say goodbye to a friend, shake hands to welcome a visitor to the school PSC
  • communicate with peers and adults in an appropriate manner, eg enter and leave conversations, maintain conversations, remain on topic PSC
  • communicate personal needs, eg need for assistance
  • indicate a preference, eg for a book or film, choice of partner for an activity, item on a menu
  • use recognised conventions when communicating in a range of contexts, eg use eye gaze/gesture to select an activity, put hand up in class to answer a question, use appropriate gesture to attract attention PSC
  • contribute to class discussions using a range of skills, including turn-taking, questioning, rephrasing for clarification PSC
  • respond to questions during an interaction to indicate understanding, eg during class discussions, after listening to a presentation by a guest speaker
  • identify and communicate key ideas and information from aural texts, eg a presentation by a guest speaker PSC
  • use appropriate interaction skills across a range of contexts, eg group work PSC
  • use digital communication responsibly PSCEU
  • select and use appropriate means of communication, including technology, for a particular audience, eg use social media to communicate with friends, write a letter of thanks ICT