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NSW Syllabuses


Kindergarten to Year 10

Mathematics K–10

DOC (5.0MB, 0 pages)

History K–10

DOC (2.5MB, 164 pages)

English K–10

DOC (3.0MB, 245 pages)

Geography K–10

DOC (1.8MB, 123 pages)

History K–10

PDF (1.8MB, 142 pages)

Mathematics K–10

PDF (7.4MB, 528 pages)

Geography K–10

PDF (1.9MB, 111 pages)

English K–10

PDF (2.1MB, 227 pages)

Science K–10
(incorporating Science and Technology K–6)

DOC (2.6MB, 193 pages)

PDF (2.1MB, 176 pages)

Year 11 and Year 12

The download versions of all Stage 6 syllabuses can now be found at the NSW Education Standards Authority Website




Human Society and its Environment