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NSW Syllabuses

Depth studies

Depth studies can be undertaken to explore a particular aspect of science within any of the Science Life Skills courses.

Students may investigate a particular aspect of science through an investigation/activity or a series of investigations/activities, which are undertaken individually or collaboratively. Depth studies allow students a pathway to pursue their interests in science and engage more fully with scientific investigations. Depth studies may involve: a practical investigation; fieldwork; a secondary-sourced investigation; designing and creating a product; or data analysis. Depth studies may relate to any module a student undertakes.

Ideas for Depth Studies

Practical Investigations

  • Design and conduct experiments
  • Test a claim
  • Test a device

Secondary-sourced Investigations

  • Make a documentary or media report
  • Conduct a literature review
  • Develop an evidence-based argument
  • Write a journal article
  • Write an essay – historical or theoretical
  • Develop an environmental management plan
  • Analyse a work of fiction or film for scientific relevance
  • Create a visual presentation
  • Investigate emerging technologies


  • Design and invent
  • Create a working model
  • Create a portfolio


Fieldwork may be a starting point for a practical investigation or secondary-sourced study and could be initiated by the following stimuli:

  • an excursion
  • engagement with community experts

Data Analysis

Data analysis could be incorporated into a practical investigation or secondary-sourced investigation. For example:

  • construction and analysis of graphs/tables
  • data analysis from a variety of sources
  • research analysis, eg of longitudinal data, resource management data.

Depth studies