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NSW Syllabuses

Physics Stage 6

Please note the implementation timeframe for the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus (2017). This syllabus is not to be taught in 2017.

See the Physics Stage 6 Syllabus to be taught for Year 11 in 2017 and Year 12 in 2018.

The new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus has been released to schools for familiarisation and planning throughout 2017 prior to its introduction in 2018. Schools and teachers should be aware of the implementation timetable, which details when each syllabus is to be introduced.

Here you will find all of the syllabus elements, assessment and reporting guides, support materials and advice on supporting students with special education needs.

A download of the syllabus is available.

The Physics Stage 6 Draft Syllabus Consultation Report (PDF, 400KB) and new Physics Stage 6 Syllabus were developed using the NESA consultative syllabus development process.


2017 – Familiarisation and planning for new Stage 6 Physics

2018 – Start teaching Year 11 Physics.
In Term 4 start teaching Year 12 Physics

2019 – First HSC for Stage 6 Physics

Assessment and Examination Materials

Examination specifications and materials will be available in Term 3, 2017

Assessment and Reporting in Physics Stage 6 PDF (108KB, 13 pages)
Years 11–12 Assessment Advice PDF (308KB, 9 pages)
Guide to changes to Stage 6 Assessment from 2018 PDF (163KB, 4 pages)

Support Materials

Guide to the new Physics Stage 6 syllabus PDF (175KB, 4 pages)
Parent guide to new Stage 6 courses PDF (213KB, 5 pages)