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NSW Syllabuses

The place of the Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus in the K–12 curriculum

This diagram places Modern History Stage 6 in the K–12 curriculum as a whole and shows the flow of learning from prior to starting school, to post school pathways.  The diagram begins with prior to school learning, explaining how students bring a range of knowledge, understanding and skills they develop at home to the school setting in Early Stage 1. Step 2 shows the Early Stage 1 – Stage 3 mandatory History K–10 course. Step 3 shows the Stage 4 – Stage 5 History K–10 courses, including the mandatory courses, Geography and History, and the elective courses, Aboriginal Studies, Commerce, Geography, History and Word Education. Step 4 shows the list of Stage 6 elective HSIE courses including Aboriginal Studies, Ancient History, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Modern History, Society and Culture, Studies of Religion, Ancient History Life Skills, Modern History Life Skills, HSIE Life Skills and Work and the Community Life Skills. Step 5 shows the elective Year 12 History Extension course. The final step shows community, other education and learning and workplace pathways.