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NSW Syllabuses

Modern History Stage 6 - Year 11 Historical Concepts and Skills

  • The following skills, which incorporate the concepts of causation, continuity and change, perspectives, significance and contestability, are to be integrated with the content of the Year 11 course.
  • Analysis and use of sources
  • Explain the meaning and value of sources for an historical inquiry (ACHMH007, ACHMH009) EUICTL
  • Analyse sources to identify and account for the different perspectives of individuals and groups in the past  (ACHMH010) CCTICTIULPSCDD
  • Analyse and synthesise evidence from different types of sources to develop reasoned claims  (ACHMH008) CCTICTL
  • Identify and analyse problems relating to sources in the investigation of the past  (ACHMH011) CCTIU
  • Historical interpretation
  • Analyse the extent and nature of continuity and change over time ( ACHMH001) CCTIU
  • Identify and analyse the varying causes and effects of events and developments in order to construct historical arguments ( ACHMH001) CCTIU
  • Form judgements about historical significance, recognising that significance may be attributed for different purposes CCTIUPSCDD
  • Analyse and evaluate contested interpretations and representations of the past  (ACHMH011, ACHMH012) CCTICTIULDD
  • Historical investigation and research
  • Frame questions to guide historical inquiry and develop a coherent research plan (ACHMH004) L
  • Use evidence from a range of sources to inform investigation and research  (ACHMH005) ICTL
  • Acknowledge sources appropriately  (ACHMH015) ICTL
  • Explanation and communication
  • Develop texts, particularly historical accounts and arguments, supported by relevant evidence from sources  (ACHMH013) CCTICTLDD
  • Communicate historical understanding, using historical knowledge, concepts and terms, in forms appropriate to purpose and audience  (ACHMH014) EUICTIULDD