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Table of Objectives and Outcomes – Continuum of Learning

For students undertaking Modern History Life Skills:

  • students are not required to complete all Life Skills outcomes
  • specific Life Skills outcomes should be selected on the basis that they meet the learning needs, strengths, goals and interests of each student
  • outcomes may be demonstrated independently or with support.

View the outcomes in an interactive table linked to content.

Knowledge and Understanding


  • develop knowledge and understanding of a range of features, people, ideas, movements, events and developments of the modern world in their historical context
  • develop an understanding of continuity and change over time

Life Skills outcomes

A student:

MHLS6-1 engages with personal connections to history

MHLS6-2 engages with the concepts of time and chronology
MHLS6-3 explores change and continuity in the modern world
MHLS6-4 explores events and developments of the modern world
MHLS6-5 investigates features, people, ideas and movements in the modern world
MHLS6-6 engages with perspectives of the past
MHLS6-7 investigates a range of historical aspects in understanding the past



  • undertake the process of historical inquiry
  • use historical concepts and skills to examine the modern past
  • communicate their understanding of history, sources and evidence, and historical interpretations

Life Skills outcomes

A student:

MHLS6-8 engages with a variety of sources to investigate the past

MHLS6-9 engages with differing interpretations and representations of the past
MHLS6-10 investigates the past using a variety of strategies to locate, select and organise information
MHLS6-11 communicates information about the past using historical terms and concepts
MHLS6-12 engages with the investigation of modern history

View a table showing the Modern History Life Skills and Related Modern History Stage 6 Syllabus Outcomes.