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NSW Syllabuses

Stage 3 - Activity 2

What's the problem?

Description of activity

Students respond to a scenario and record a variety of responses.

    1. The teacher poses the question: ‘The answer to a problem is one and a half, what might the question be?’
    2. Students record a variety of questions, including word problems, number sentences and questions that involve more than one operation.
    3. They include the four operations in their questions. The suggested time allocation for this activity is 20 minutes.

The suggested time allocation for this activity is 20 minutes.


Students have modelled, compared and ordered fractions with whole and mixed numerals. Similar activities have been given with whole numbers and students have experienced working on an empty number line.


MA3-1WM describes and represents mathematical situations in a variety of ways using mathematical terminology and some conventions
MA3-2WM selects and applies appropriate problem-solving strategies, including the use of digital technologies, in undertaking investigations
MA3-3WM gives a valid reason for supporting one possible solution over another
MA3-7NA compares, orders and calculates with fractions, decimals and percentages
MA3-8NA analyses and creates geometric and number patterns, constructs and completes number sentences, and locates points on the Cartesian plane

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)
Students will be assessed on their ability to:

        • construct a variety of mathematical problems including word problems and questions involving more than one operation
        • use fractions and/or decimals and the four operations.

Graded student work samples - Mid STAGE

Grade - AGrade - B
Grade - CGrade - D

Graded student work samples - End

Grade - AGrade - B
Grade - CGrade - D
Grade - E