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NSW Syllabuses

Stage 1 - Activity 2

Making number patterns

Description of activity

  1. Students make a number pattern that increases or decreases.
  2. They explain their number pattern in words and record this explanation in writing.
  3. Students continue their number pattern.
  4. They then create another number pattern that has a particular number in it eg create a number pattern with the number 10 in it.


Students have been involved in creating, representing and continuing a variety of number patterns.


MA1-1WM describes mathematical situations and methods using everyday and some mathematical language, actions, materials, diagrams and symbols
MA1-8NA creates, represents and continues a variety of patterns with numbers and objects

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)
Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • create and continue a number pattern
  • explain their number pattern
  • make generalisations about number relationships
  • use mathematical terminology.

Graded student work samples - MID STAGE

Grade - BGrade - C
Grade - DGrade - E