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NSW Syllabuses

Mathematics Standard Stage 6 - Year 12 Standard 1 - Algebra Topic: Algebra


A student:

  • MS1-12-1

    uses algebraic and graphical techniques to evaluate and construct arguments in a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts

  • MS1-12-6

    represents the relationships between changing quantities in algebraic and graphical forms

  • MS1-12-9

    chooses and uses appropriate technology effectively and recognises appropriate times for such use

  • MS1-12-10

    uses mathematical argument and reasoning to evaluate conclusions, communicating a position clearly to others

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  • Topic Focus

  • Algebra involves the use of symbols to represent numbers or quantities and to express relationships, using mathematical models and applications.
  • Knowledge of algebra enables the modelling of a problem conceptually so that it is simpler to solve, before returning the solution to its more complex practical form.
  • Study of algebra is important in developing students’ reasoning skills and logical thought processes, as well as their ability to represent and solve problems.
  • Subtopics

  • MS-A3: Types of Relationships  pc