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NSW Syllabuses

Organisation of content

Content in Stage 6 Life Skills syllabuses is suggested. Content describes the intended learning for students as they work towards achieving one or more syllabus outcomes. It provides the foundations for students to progress to the next stage of schooling or post-school opportunities.

Teachers will make decisions about the choice of outcomes and selection of content regarding the sequence, emphasis and any adjustments required based on the needs, strengths, goals, interests and prior learning of students.

The following diagram provides an illustrative representation of elements of the course and their relationship.

The organisation of content diagram shows a central circle split into two interlocking halves. The left half shows Understanding, Fluency and Communicating. The right half shows Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Justification. Surrounding the central circle is a ring labelled Working Mathematically. An outer ring shows the topics of the course: Measurement, Financial Mathematics, Statistics and Probability (Statistical Analysis), Plans, Maps and Networks (Networks) and Number and Modelling (Algebra).