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NSW Syllabuses

Course Structure

The course is organised in topics, with the topics divided into subtopics.

Year 11
(120 hours)

Year 12
(120 hours)

Mathematics Life Skills
Topics Subtopics
Number and Modelling (Algebra) MLS-N1 Review of Number Properties
MLS-N2 Mathematical Modelling

MLS-M1 Everyday Measurement
MLS-M2 Measuring Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes

Financial Mathematics MLS-F1 Decimals, Percentages and Money
MLS-F2 Earning Money
MLS-F3 Spending Money
Statistics and Probability (Statistical Analysis) MLS-S1 Statistics
MLS-S2 Probability
Plans, Maps and Networks (Networks) MLS-P1 Using Plans, Maps and Networks

For Mathematics Life Skills:

  • Students are not required to address or achieve all of the Mathematics Life Skills outcomes.
  • Students are not required to complete all of the content to demonstrate achievement of an outcome.
  • Outcomes and content should be selected to meet the particular needs of individual students.
  • The topics provide possible frameworks for addressing the Mathematics Life Skills outcomes and content, and are suggestions only. Each topic provides possible subtopics for study of the content. Teachers have the flexibility to develop subtopics that will meet the needs, strenghts, goals, interests and prior learning of their students.
  • Examples provided under content points are suggestions only. Teachers may use the examples provided or develop other examples to meet the particular needs of individual students.