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All aspects of Working Mathematically, as described in this syllabus, are integral to the outcomes of the Mathematics Extension 2 Stage 6 course, in particular outcomes MEX12-7 and MEX12-8.

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A student:
  • develop efficient strategies to solve complex problems using pattern recognition, generalisation, proof and modelling techniques
MEX12-1 understands and uses different representations of numbers and functions to model, prove results and find solutions to problems in a variety of contexts
  • develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to model and solve complex and interconnected problems in the areas of proof, vectors and mechanics, calculus and complex numbers
MEX12-2 chooses appropriate strategies to construct arguments and proofs in both practical and abstract settings
MEX12-3 uses vectors to model and solve problems in two and three dimensions
MEX12-4 uses the relationship between algebraic and geometric representations of complex numbers and complex number techniques to prove results, model and solve problems
MEX12-5 applies techniques of integration to structured and unstructured problems
MEX12-6 uses mechanics to model and solve practical problems
  • develop their problem-solving and reasoning skills to create appropriate mathematical models in a variety of forms and apply these to difficult unstructured problems
MEX12-7 applies various mathematical techniques and concepts to model and solve structured, unstructured and multi-step problems
  • use mathematics as an effective means of communication and justification in complex situations
MEX12-8 communicates and justifies abstract ideas and relationships using appropriate language, notation and logical argument