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NSW Syllabuses

Course structure and requirements

The course is organised in topics, with the topics divided into subtopics.

Year 12 course
(60 hours)

Mathematics Extension 2
Topics Subtopics

MEX-P1 The Nature of Proof
MEX-P2 Further Proof by Mathematical Induction


MEX-V1 Further Work with Vectors

Complex Numbers

MEX-N1 Introduction to Complex Numbers
MEX-N2 Using Complex Numbers

Calculus MEX-C1 Advanced Calculus Skills
Mechanics MEX-M1 Applications of Calculus to Mechanics

For this course:

  • The Mathematics Extension 1 Year 12 course should be taught prior to or concurrently with this course. 
  • 60 indicative hours are required to complete the course.
  • Students should experience content in the course in familiar and routine situations as well as unfamiliar situations.
  • Students should be provided with regular opportunities involving the integration of technology to enrich the learning experience.