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NSW Syllabuses

Mathematics Extension 2 Stage 6 - Year 12 Extension 2 - Mechanics Topic: Mechanics


A student:

  • MEX12-6

    uses mechanics to model and solve practical problems

  • MEX12-7

    applies various mathematical techniques and concepts to model and solve structured, unstructured and multi-step problems

  • MEX12-8

    communicates and justifies abstract ideas and relationships using appropriate language, notation and logical argument

Topic Focus

The Mechanics topic involves the study of change in the motion of objects when acted upon by forces. It involves the mathematical representation of quantities with magnitude and direction and their representation graphically and mathematically.

Knowledge of mechanics enables understanding of the behaviour of objects according to mathematical law.

Study of mechanics is important in developing students’ understanding of changes in motion and to model change situations involving a variety of mathematical techniques and contexts, use algebraic and graphical techniques to describe and solve problems and predict future outcomes.


MEX-M1: Applications of Calculus to Mechanics