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Mathematics Extension 2 Stage 6 - Year 12 Extension 2 - Proof Topic: Proof


A student:

  • MEX12-1

    understands and uses different representations of numbers and functions to model, prove results and find solutions to problems in a variety of contexts

  • MEX12-2

    chooses appropriate strategies to construct arguments and proofs in both practical and abstract settings

  • MEX12-7

    applies various mathematical techniques and concepts to model and solve structured, unstructured and multi-step problems

  • MEX12-8

    communicates and justifies abstract ideas and relationships using appropriate language, notation and logical argument

Topic Focus

Proof involves the communication and justification of an argument for a mathematical statement in a clear, concise and precise manner.

Knowledge of proof enables a level of reasoning, justification and communication that is accurate, concise and precise.

Study of proof is important in developing students’ ability to reason, justify, communicate and critique mathematical arguments and statements needed for problem-solving.


MEX-P1: The Nature of Proof
MEX-P2: Further Proof by Mathematical Induction