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NSW Syllabuses

Stage 5 - Activity 5

Persuasive writing

Description of activity

Students compose a persuasive text to raise public awareness about an issue that they think is important.


Students have gained an understanding of the language forms, techniques and structures used in a range of persuasive texts.  They have composed a range of persuasive texts for specific audiences and purposes.


EN5-1A responds to and composes increasingly sophisticated and sustained texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis, imaginative expression and pleasure
EN5-5C thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information and increasingly complex ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts in a range of contexts
EN5-7D understands and evaluates the diverse ways texts can represent personal and public worlds

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)
Students will be assessed on their ability to:

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Select an appropriate text that demonstrates understanding of the relationship between audience, purpose, language choices and form
  • Use persuasive techniques to raise awareness about an issue
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the conventions of writing a persuasive text for a particular audience and purpose.

Graded student work samples - Mid Stage

Grade AGrade B
no samples
Grade CGrade D
no samples