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NSW Syllabuses

Stage 4 - Activity 9

Imaginative Writing

Description of activity

Students compose a short narrative in response to one of a selection of stimulus items related to the concept of ‘the monster’ which has been the focus of recent study.


Students have been exploring the ways the concept of ‘the monster’ has been represented in a variety of texts including film and short stories. They have investigated the ways authors use the conventions of narrative and compared the ways different authors have represented the idea of ‘the monster’. They have experimented with using these storytelling conventions in their own short written texts.


EN4-1A responds to and composes texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis, imaginative expression and pleasure
EN4-4B makes effective language choices to creatively shape meaning with accuracy, clarity and coherence
EN4-5C thinks imaginatively, creatively, interpretively and critically about information, ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts
EN4-6C identifies and explains connections between and among texts

Criteria for assessing learning

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • Compose a narrative in response to a stimulus item related to the concept of ‘the monster’
  • Demonstrate understanding of storytelling conventions related to the concept of ‘the monster’
  • Demonstrate appropriate control of punctuation, paragraphing, spelling and grammar.

Graded student work samples - Mid Stage

Grade AGrade B
Grade CGrade D
Grade E