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NSW Syllabuses

Stage 2 - Activity 8

Informative Text - Report

Description of activity

Students research a planet in our solar system. They select relevant facts and write an informative text in the form of a report. Students publish their report using neat handwriting or desktop publishing skills.


Students have been studying an integrated unit of work on the solar system. During this unit, students read and viewed a range of factual texts to develop an understanding of how informative texts are structured to achieve a purpose. They also compared the different ways that information is presented by viewing documentaries and using multimodal texts to gather information. Students were then asked to demonstrate their understanding by composing an informative text on a planet that they had researched.


EN2-2A plans, composes and reviews a range of texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and language
EN2-3A uses effective handwriting and publishes texts using digital technologies
EN2-5A uses a range of strategies, including knowledge of letter–sound correspondences and common letter patterns, to spell familiar and some unfamiliar words

EN2-7B identifies and uses language forms and features in their own writing appropriate to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts

EN2-9B uses effective and accurate sentence structure, grammatical features, punctuation conventions and vocabulary relevant to the type of text when responding to and composing texts

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)
Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • produce a well-structured informative text in the form of a report
  • use sentence structure, grammatical features and punctuation conventions appropriate for an informative text
  • spell familiar and unfamiliar words
  • use joined letters when writing in the NSW Foundation Style
  • demonstrate basic desktop publishing skills using a computer.

Graded student work samples - End Stage

Grade AGrade B
Grade CGrade D