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NSW Syllabuses

English Studies Stage 6 Course Description

Course No: TBC

2 units for Year 11 (Preliminary) and Year 12 (HSC).
Board Developed Course.

Exclusions: English Advanced; English Standard; English EAL/D; English Extension

Course Entry Guidelines

This course is designed to meet the specific needs of students who wish to refine their skills and knowledge in English and consolidate their literacy skills. It is a course for students who are seeking an alternative to the English Standard course and who intend to proceed from school directly into employment or vocational training.

Due to changes in the English Studies course, students considering choosing this course should be advised that:

  • English Studies is a Stage 6 Board Developed Course (Category B) to be implemented with Year 11 from 2018
  • From the 2019 HSC, students will be able to sit for an optional HSC examination and will be reported on a common scale with the English Standard and English Advanced courses
  • Students choosing not to sit for the English Studies HSC examination will still be eligible for the HSC if they have satisfactorily completed courses that comprise the pattern of study required by NESA
  • To be eligible for an ATAR, students studying the English Studies course must complete the optional HSC examination and include a further 8 units of Category A courses in their pattern of study.

Course Description

In the English Studies course, students explore the ideas, values, language forms, features and structures of texts in a range of personal, social, cultural and workplace contexts. They respond to and compose texts to extend experience and understanding, access information and assess its reliability, and synthesise the knowledge gained from a range of sources for a variety of purposes.

In this course, students will consolidate their English literacy skills to enhance their personal, social, educational and vocational lives.


Year 11

  • Students study the mandatory module, Achieving through English: English in education, work and community to develop an understanding of, and practical competence in, the use of language that allows access to opportunities in schooling, training and employment.
  • Students study 2–4 additional syllabus modules (selected based on their needs and interests).
  • Students may also study an optional teacher-developed module.

Year 12

  • The HSC Common Content consists of one module Texts and Human Experiences which is also common to the HSC Standard and the HSC Advanced courses where students analyse and explore texts and apply skills in synthesis.
  • Students study 2–4 additional syllabus modules (selected based on their needs and interests).
  • Students may also study an optional teacher-developed module.

Course Requirements

Across the English Studies Stage 6 Course students are required to study:

  • a range of types of texts inclusive of prose fiction, drama, poetry, nonfiction, film, media and digital texts
  • texts which are widely regarded as quality literature, including a range of literary texts written about intercultural experiences and the peoples and cultures of Asia
  • a range of Australian texts, including texts by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander authors and those that give insights into diverse experiences of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples
  • texts with a wide range of cultural, social and gender perspectives.

Year 11 and Year 12

Students are required to:

  • read, view, listen to and compose a wide range of texts including print and multimodal texts
  • study at least one substantial print text (for example a novel, biography or drama)
  • study at least one substantial multimodal text (for example film or a television series)
  • be involved in planning, research and presentation activities as part of one individual and/or collaborative project
  • develop a portfolio of texts they have planned, drafted, edited and presented in written, graphic and/or electronic forms across all the modules undertaken during the year
  • engage with the community through, for example, visits, surveys, interviews, work experience, listening to guest speakers and/or excursions.

Year 12

In addition to the above requirements, students in Year 12 only are required to:

  • study ONE text from the prescribed text list and one related text for the Common Module – Texts and Human Experiences.