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NSW Syllabuses

English Studies Stage 6 - Year 12 - Objective A Outcome 2


A student:

  • ES12-2

    identifies, uses and assesses strategies to comprehend increasingly complex and sustained written, spoken, visual, multimodal and digital texts that have been composed for different purposes and contexts

Related Life Skills outcome: ENLS6-4

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • select from a broadening range of strategies to maintain focus on making meaning when accessing increasingly complex texts
  • monitor own comprehension and use a combination of strategies when meaning is lost, for example re-read to identify the main idea
  • draw on support resources as needed to clarify or confirm word meanings
  • Understand the connections between language, context and meaning
  • recognise how language features can be used to alert a reader to a shift in focus or meaning, for example a change in tense
  • interpret and draw inferences from structural and language features as well as the aural and visual cues used in texts (ACEEE015, ACEEE016) cctict
  • understand an increasing number of unfamiliar words, including words with non-literal meanings and some abstraction
  • interpret and extrapolate information from texts containing graphs and diagrams
  • Respond to and compose texts
  • select an appropriate reading approach according to text structure and purpose, for example read closely to identify explicit and implicit information, use headings to find relevant sections, skim and scan to find areas of interest
  • write for a range of purposes, for example personal communication or social action, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding, using language appropriate to audience, purpose and context ccwe
  • recognise and use evaluative language, for example emotive language and modality for particular purposes
  • use writing as a tool to identify issues and generate new ideas cct

The course objectives express the knowledge, skills and understandings that are demonstrated through the outcomes and content. These are applied within the context of the modules.