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NSW Syllabuses

English Studies Stage 6 - Year 12 - Objective A Outcome 1


A student:

  • ES12-1

    comprehends and responds analytically and imaginatively to a range of texts, including short and extended texts, literary texts and texts from academic, community, workplace and social contexts for a variety of purposes

Related Life Skills outcomes: ENLS6-1, ENLS6-2, ENLS6-3

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • engage increasingly with texts where the relationships between concepts and information is not explicit and requires inference and interpretation
  • read, view and listen to texts to connect, interpret, and visualise ideas
  • integrate prior knowledge with new information to predict, construct or confirm understanding
  • Understand the connections between language, context and meaning
  • explain how social, community and workplace texts are constructed for particular purposes, audiences and contexts   (ACEEE005) ictccwe
  • explain and discuss the effectiveness of elements of literary texts, for example characterisation, narrative, tone, description and setting
  • apply and articulate criteria used to evaluate a text or its ideas
  • integrate relevant information and ideas from texts to develop their own interpretations
  • Respond to and compose texts
  • integrate relevant information and ideas from texts to develop and discuss their own interpretations
  • compose more sustained texts that explore the main ideas in texts
  • use a range of communication skills, for example varying voice, tone and pace, to explore an idea and influence and engage an audience pscwe

The course objectives express the knowledge, skills and understandings that are demonstrated through the outcomes and content. These are applied within the context of the modules.