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NSW Syllabuses

English Studies Stage 6 - Year 11 - Objective B Outcome 5


A student:

  • ES11-5

    develops knowledge, understanding and appreciation of how language is used, identifying specific language forms and features that convey meaning in texts

Related Life Skills outcome: ENLS6-7

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • engage with a range of increasingly complex language forms, features and structures of texts in meaningful, contextualised and authentic ways
  • Understand the connections between language, context and meaning
  • recognise the text structures and language features of texts, for example visual and aural cues, to differentiate between main ideas, supporting arguments and evidence (ACEEE001)
  • understand that words and grammatical choices may vary in meaning depending on the context of use
  • recognise and describe the differences in formal and informal register
  • investigate the aesthetic effects of the use of specific language features and techniques in a variety of literary and multimodal texts cct
  • understand and respect that Aboriginal language dialects and Aboriginal English are expressions of cultural heritage and identity ahccc
  • Respond to and compose texts
  • compose structured texts that describe and explain the ways language features, text structures  and stylistic choices have been used in texts
  • use language with increasing accuracy to communicate own ideas in a variety of contexts we
  • experiment with vocabulary, register and modality to create texts for different audiences
  • use grammatical features, for example pronouns, conjunctions and connectives, to accurately link ideas and information to ensure meaning when composing texts
  • use punctuation as an aid to understanding for example capitalisation, full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks and quotation marks
  • develop and use appropriate vocabulary and skills in using accurate spelling, effective punctuation and grammar for specific effects (ACEEE013, ACEEE027, ACEEE041, ACEEE055) we

The course objectives express the knowledge, skills and understandings that are demonstrated through the outcomes and content. These are applied within the context of the modules.