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NSW Syllabuses

English Studies Stage 6 - Year 11 - Objective A Outcome 2


A student:

  • ES11-2

    identifies and uses strategies to comprehend written, spoken, visual, multimodal and digital texts that have been composed for different purposes and contexts

Related Life Skills outcome: ENLS6-4

  • Content

  • Students:
  • Engage personally with texts
  • locate and extract information and ideas from texts to assist comprehension, for example skim read for general sense and scan for key information (ACEEE008) cctictwe
  • predict meaning using text structures and language features (ACEEE002) cct
  • Understand the connections between language, context and meaning
  • use and interpret structural and language features, for example visual and aural cues, to identify main ideas, supporting arguments and evidence (ACEEE001, ACEEE015) cctictn
  • understand an increasing number of unfamiliar words, recognising that some words and phrases have figurative meanings
  • interpret graphs, tables and charts used in texts
  • Respond to and compose texts
  • compose texts with an awareness of varying language to meet the requirements of audience, purpose and context
  • use writing as a tool to identify issues and express ideas
  • use dictionaries and other resources to determine or clarify the meaning of unfamiliar words

The course objectives express the knowledge, skills and understandings that are demonstrated through the outcomes and content. These are applied within the context of the modules.