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NSW Syllabuses

Building on English learning in Stage 5

The principle of a learning continuum K–12 is central to the design of all English Stage 6 English courses. The outcomes have been aligned to common objectives and provide appropriate progression from Stage 5. 

The outcomes and content are written with the assumption that students embarking on the English Standard course have achieved outcomes and studied content in the NSW English K–10 syllabus. Consequently everything in the NSW syllabus K–10 up to Stage 5 is also implicit in this Stage 6 syllabus. In a number of cases material is included to consolidate prior learning. 

Students who undertake the English Standard course have a diverse range of literacy needs. The outcomes and content in the English Standard course provide opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills commensurate with Level 3 on the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in Reading and Writing. The ACSF provides a way of describing the generic skills identified as being critical to operating effectively in personal and community contexts including the workplace. 

Schools and teachers should consider the learning needs of students when designing scope and sequences and differentiate teaching to include other areas of review as appropriate.